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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Paris Sectional


The initial price for this item, using a "D" grade fabric, starts at

We offer complete customization for all our products. Various factors such as the choice of body fabrics, nail trims, welting, and finishes -with a selection of over 750 different options — may impact the final price of each item. 

If you are interested in pricing for the pieces “As Shown” or wish to explore further customization options, please submit your request form via the "Request a Quote" button or call us at 630-686-2440.

Elevate your living space to a realm of flawless comfort and style with the Paris Sectional. This versatile sofa exudes designer chic, while guaranteeing your guests' utmost comfort and fashion. Transform your home with this unique and versatile sectional.

Choose Relaxed or Luxurious (+ 3" D) seating
Select from a variety of base and back styles
View All Sectional Components
Sectional Configuration Ideas
Paris Scale Drawings and Dimensions

Paris Style Sectional shown with:
CCP83 End Unit, CCP85 End Unit
Fitted Knife Edge Back Pillows
Built-to-the-Floor base
Cashmere Silver frame finish
Silver nailhead frame trim
Relaxed Depth Seating

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Customizable Options


Marge Carson showcases a selection of premium textiles known for their luxuriousness and durability, enhancing furniture to artful creations. Tailor your home decor with a lavish array of textures, colors, and patterns that mirror your special preferences and style.


Experience 50 unique finishes and applications to showcase thefFurniture's inherent elegance with exclusive wood and metal finishes. Marge Carson delivers custom finishes that enhance each piece, creating a truly exceptional product.


Enhance your design ethos by selecting from an elite collection of 150 accent pieces. Discover the paramount finishing touch for your furniture, offered through a comprehensive selection of bulians, closers, trims, buttons, nailheads, and more, each meticulously chosen to perfect every detail.


Discover the perfect finish with our curated hardware collection. Choose from handles, knobs, pulls, and accents, each designed to complement and enhance your furniture with elegance and functionality.