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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Hardware Finishes

Explore Marge Carson's Luxury Hardware Collection: a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Customize your furniture with our sophisticated knobs, handles, and pulls, crafted to enhance any décor. Unmatched in style and quality, our hardware selection is an essential for discerning interiors.
Antique Brass
Antique Brass Sale price$0.00
Antique Bronze
Antique Bronze Sale price$0.00
Antique Nickel
Antique Nickel Sale price$0.00
Matte Antique Nickel
Matte Antique Nickel Sale price$0.00
Medici Nickel
Medici Nickel Sale price$0.00
Polished Brass
Polished Brass Sale price$0.00
Polished Nickel
Polished Nickel Sale price$0.00