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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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About Marge Carson

Marjorie Reese CarsonMarjorie Reese Carson, Founder

As one of the world's largest and oldest privately-owned fine furniture companies, Marge Carson has consistently upheld its commitment to captivating customers since its inception in 1947. Known for original designs, luxurious combinations of fabrics and trims, unique hand-applied finishes, and relentless attention to even the smallest of details, Marge Carson’s upholstery, bedroom, dining room, and occasional furniture is the undisputed and preferred choice for exclusive clientele.

Manufacturing furniture that embodies elegance and grace, Marge Carson is renowned for creating pieces that appeal to the most discerning consumers who appreciate a harmonious fusion of silhouettes, textures, and design. The style is decidedly elegant yet casual, featuring generous proportions finished with the finest materials and showcasing intricate, architecturally based designs that are as exquisite as they are functional for luxurious lifestyles.

The company's ability to customize their furnishings is a defining feature in their library of designs. Whether classic and formal or contemporary and relaxed, Marge Carson offers over 750 luxury fabrics, leathers, trims, embellishments, and unique wood finishes, allowing clients to create bespoke pieces that embody their vision. Their hardware is custom designed for each piece of furniture and their fabrics are sourced globally, many of which are exclusive to the brand and cannot be found elsewhere. Marge Carson also protects its designs through U.S. patents and copyright registrations.

The origins of Marge Carson date back to 1947 when California-based interior designer Marjorie Reese Carson, faced with a lack of high-caliber furniture for her clients' posh homes, founded the company. Unwilling to compromise, she hired two upholsterers and converted an old chicken coop into a custom upholstery shop. This bold move led to the creation of her own furniture and upholstery lines, filling a void in the residential furniture marketplace. Marjorie's commitment to fresh, creative, and stylish furniture with high-quality craftsmanship quickly earned her a reputation as a source for luxury and comfortable upholstery and case goods for fine homes.

By 1953, Marge Carson had improved production facilities located in California, where it operated as Marge Carson, Inc. until 2022 when former CEO Jim LaBarge announced he would cease operations to focus on his health. With a high regard for the luxury furniture line and a desire for the company’s legacy to continue, Janet Linly acquired the Marge Carson brand and resumed operations & manufacturing in January 2023 under the name Marge Carson Global, Inc. With headquarters now in Illinois, the location boasts an 11,000 sq. ft. showroom featuring their original designs and allowing year-round access to experience the Marge Carson difference.

Even in the whirlwind of constantly evolving fashions and lifestyles, Marge Carson remains true to Marjorie's founding premise: introducing to the marketplace beautiful and original designs with impeccable quality, superb silhouettes & scale, and perfectly tailored applications of sumptuous fabrics, trims, finishes, and accents. As a brand known and respected globally in both the furniture and fashion industries, Marge Carson continues its dedication to designing and manufacturing furniture to meet the most distinguished lifestyles with an unabashed commitment to quality, style, and craftsmanship.