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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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A Custom Upholstery Program

Santa Barbara Custom Upholstery Collection

In today’s world, we seek environments tailored to our unique lifestyles. Marge Carson's Santa Barbara Custom Upholstery Program makes it simple to create your perfect seating arrangement.

This innovative, by-the-inch program lets you design Marge Carson’s exceptional upholstery to precisely fit your space and style. Choose from various arm styles, back cushion options, skirt and leg treatments, and a range of fabrics and trims.

Sofas are available in 38-inch, 40-inch, and 42-inch depths and can be customized in lengths from 69 inches to 108 inches, adjustable in one-inch increments. The Santa Barbara collection also includes matching chairs, customizable by-the-inch ottomans, and a variety of modular sectionals in all styles.