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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Explore Marge Carson's Luxury Chaises, where unparalleled comfort meets timeless elegance. Our handcrafted chaises blend modern design with classic sophistication, perfect for adding a luxurious touch to any space. Indulge in style and relaxation with Marge Carson's exclusive chaise collection.
Andrea ChaiseAndrea Chaise
Andrea Chaise Sale price$0.00
Aphrodite ChaiseAphrodite Chaise
Aphrodite Chaise Sale price$0.00
Danielli Chaise
Danielli Chaise Sale price$0.00
Gemini Tête-À-TêteGemini Tête-À-Tête
Gemini Tête-À-Tête Sale price$0.00
Lexi ChaiseLexi Chaise
Lexi Chaise Sale price$0.00
Libra ChaiseLibra Chaise
Libra Chaise Sale price$0.00
Logan ChaiseLogan Chaise
Logan Chaise Sale price$0.00
Rome ChaiseRome Chaise
Rome Chaise Sale price$0.00
Santa Barbara ChaiseSanta Barbara Chaise
Santa Barbara Chaise Sale price$0.00