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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Luxury Dog Beds

Craft an exquisite haven for your cherished pet with Marge Carson's luxury dog beds.
Designed to blend seamlessly with the sophisticated ambiance of your home, our collection offers unparalleled luxury for your canine companion. Each luxury bed for dogs is a testament to opulence and comfort, ensuring your pet enjoys the same level of luxury as every other family member.
Perfectly suited for placement beside your own bed, our dog beds cater to pets who cherish being close to their humans throughout the night.
Elevate your pet's resting area into a luxury dog bedroom decor statement with designs that complement your interior styling. Marge Carson's dog beds reflect superior craftsmanship and durability. Discover the perfect fusion of luxury and love for your pet today.

Luna Dog Bed - LargeLuna Dog Bed - Large
Luna Dog Bed - Large Sale price$6,924.00
Luna Dog Bed - SmallLuna Dog Bed - Small
Luna Dog Bed - Small Sale price$5,585.00
Murphy Dog BedMurphy Dog Bed
Murphy Dog Bed Sale price$2,871.00
Versailles Dog BedVersailles Dog Bed
Versailles Dog Bed Sale price$7,245.00