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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Luna Dog Bed - Small

Sale price$5,585.00

Pamper your canine companion with the opulent Luna Dog Bed. Fabricated using top-notch materials, this bed offers unmatched coziness. Intended to enhance the aesthetic of your home, your dog will bask in regal comfort while resting on this sophisticated bed. Give your faithful friend the Marge Carson treatment.

To achieve a truly bespoke experience, please contact us for custom options. The Marge Carson Luna Dog Bed boasts luxury and can be tailored to your specific preferences down to the finest details.

Sold as shown

Leadtime for this item: 4-8 weeks

: 30”W 20”D 12”H
Seat: 24”W 16”D 6”H

Includes two pillows
(1) 12" sq. Knife Edge Pillow
(1) 6" Ball Pillow