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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Living Room

Explore Marge Carson's Luxury Living Room Collection. Find premium sofas, chairs, and tables, crafted for elegance and comfort. Enhance your home with our bespoke designs, blending luxury and functionality. Perfect for creating an inviting, stylish living space.
Flynn SofaFlynn Sofa
Flynn Sofa Sale price$13,759.00
Francesca SofaFrancesca Sofa
Francesca Sofa Sale price$14,677.00
Galaxy 2-Piece Sofa
Galaxy 2-Piece Sofa Sale price$17,495.00
Galaxy 2-Piece SofaGalaxy 2-Piece Sofa
Galaxy 2-Piece Sofa Sale price$16,385.00
Gallery ChairGallery Chair
Gallery Chair Sale price$4,506.00
Gallery SofaGallery Sofa
Gallery Sofa Sale price$9,160.00
Garbo OttomanGarbo Ottoman
Garbo Ottoman Sale price$4,793.00
Gaston Bench
Gaston Bench Sale price$0.00
GATSBY CHAIR Sale price$5,976.00
Gemini Tête-À-TêteGemini Tête-À-Tête
Gemini Tête-À-Tête Sale price$0.00
Geneva BenchGeneva Bench
Geneva Bench Sale price$0.00
Geneva ChairGeneva Chair
Geneva Chair Sale price$3,585.00
Geneva Ottoman
Geneva Ottoman Sale price$2,432.00
Geneva SectionalGeneva Sectional
Geneva Sectional Sale price$0.00
Geneva SofaGeneva Sofa
Geneva Sofa Sale price$7,928.00
Gibson Lounge ChairGibson Lounge Chair
Gibson Lounge Chair Sale price$7,287.00
Giselle SofaGiselle Sofa
Giselle Sofa Sale price$13,048.00
Giverny Chairside TableGiverny Chairside Table
Giverny Chairside Table Sale price$2,587.00
Giverny ConsoleGiverny Console
Giverny Console Sale price$4,137.00
Giverny End TableGiverny End Table
Giverny End Table Sale price$3,447.00
Giverny Rectangular Cocktail TableGiverny Rectangular Cocktail Table
Giverny Round Cocktail TableGiverny Round Cocktail Table
Giverny Round Cocktail Table Sale price$4,137.00
Grand Tour ChairGrand Tour Chair
Grand Tour Chair Sale price$4,426.00
Hannah ChairHannah Chair
Hannah Chair Sale price$5,952.00
Hannah OttomanHannah Ottoman
Hannah Ottoman Sale price$2,712.00
Hollis Lounge ChairHollis Lounge Chair
Hollis Lounge Chair Sale price$4,416.00
Holly SofaHolly Sofa
Holly Sofa Sale price$15,588.00
Hollywood Chair & A HalfHollywood Chair & A Half
Hollywood Chair & A Half Sale price$5,858.00
Hollywood SectionalHollywood Sectional
Hollywood Sectional Sale price$0.00
Hollywood SofaHollywood Sofa
Hollywood Sofa Sale price$8,549.00
Hudson SofaHudson Sofa
Hudson Sofa Sale price$10,095.00
Huntington Manor Lounge Chair
Huntington Manor Lounge Chair Sale price$9,705.00
Huxley ChairHuxley Chair
Huxley Chair Sale price$4,679.00
Huxley SofaHuxley Sofa
Huxley Sofa Sale price$9,053.00
Iris SofaIris Sofa
Iris Sofa Sale price$11,934.00
Isadora Chair & A Half
Isadora Chair & A Half Sale price$11,327.00
Isadora SectionalIsadora Sectional
Isadora Sectional Sale price$0.00
Jackson ChairJackson Chair
Jackson Chair Sale price$7,044.00
Jolie Arm Chair
Jolie Arm Chair Sale price$4,444.00
Jolie Side Chair Sale price$4,113.00
Justina PouffJustina Pouff
Justina Pouff Sale price$1,870.00
Justina Side ChairJustina Side Chair
Justina Side Chair Sale price$2,609.00
Karma ChairKarma Chair
Karma Chair Sale price$5,000.00
Katarina SofaKatarina Sofa
Katarina Sofa Sale price$9,253.00
Kenzie ChairKenzie Chair
Kenzie Chair Sale price$7,080.00
Kimberly OttomanKimberly Ottoman
Kimberly Ottoman Sale price$4,056.00
Kylie SofaKylie Sofa
Kylie Sofa Sale price$15,748.00
Lana Chair & A HalfLana Chair & A Half
Lana Chair & A Half Sale price$7,891.00