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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Living Room

Explore Marge Carson's Luxury Living Room Collection. Find premium sofas, chairs, and tables, crafted for elegance and comfort. Enhance your home with our bespoke designs, blending luxury and functionality. Perfect for creating an inviting, stylish living space.
St. Moritz ChairSt. Moritz Chair
St. Moritz Chair Sale price$5,569.00
Stratus ChairStratus Chair
Stratus Chair Sale price$4,199.00
Stratus SofaStratus Sofa
Stratus Sofa Sale price$7,404.00
Sultan SofaSultan Sofa
Sultan Sofa Sale price$12,269.00
Tara OttomanTara Ottoman
Tara Ottoman Sale price$2,529.00
Tara OttomanTara Ottoman
Tara Ottoman Sale price$2,167.00
Torino ChairTorino Chair
Torino Chair Sale price$5,810.00
Trianon Court SofaTrianon Court Sofa
Trianon Court Sofa Sale price$12,069.00
Tribeca SofaTribeca Sofa
Tribeca Sofa Sale price$9,308.00
Versailles ChairVersailles Chair
Versailles Chair Sale price$5,714.00
a couch with a bunch of pillows on top of ita beige curtain with a gold trim around it
Versailles Sofa Sale price$16,868.00
Vista Sofa by Marge CarsonVista Sofa
Vista Sofa Sale price$7,942.00
Waverly Large Chair & A HalfWaverly Large Chair & A Half
Waverly Large Chair & A Half Sale price$9,647.00
Waverly Small Chair & A HalfWaverly Small Chair & A Half
Waverly Small Chair & A Half Sale price$8,525.00
William Lounge ChairWilliam Lounge Chair
William Lounge Chair Sale price$5,990.00
Windsor ChairWindsor Chair
Windsor Chair Sale price$0.00
Windsor SectionalWindsor Sectional
Windsor Sectional Sale price$0.00
Windsor SofaWindsor Sofa
Windsor Sofa Sale price$8,332.00
Zen SectionalZen Sectional
Zen Sectional Sale price$0.00
a white chair with a gold trim around ita white chair with a gold trim around it
Zeus Chair Sale price$7,749.00
Zoe PouffZoe Pouff
Zoe Pouff Sale price$2,302.00