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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Luxury Sofas

Explore Marge Carson's Luxury Sofas, a blend of comfort and elegance. Our premium sofa collection, perfect for any upscale living space, is crafted to impress. With unique designs and unparalleled quality, these sofas are not just furniture, but a lifestyle statement. Indulge in luxury today!
Natalia SofaNatalia Sofa
Natalia Sofa Sale price$19,182.00
Nico SofaNico Sofa
Nico Sofa Sale price$7,173.00
Oasis Round Sofa by Marge CarsonOasis Round Sofa by Marge Carson
Oasis Round Sofa Sale price$12,182.00
Odessa 2-Piece Sectional SofaOdessa 2-Piece Sectional Sofa
Odessa 2-Piece Sectional Sofa Sale price$21,535.00
Odessa 2-Piece SofaOdessa 2-Piece Sofa
Odessa 2-Piece Sofa Sale price$14,653.00
Olinda Love SeatOlinda Love Seat
Olinda Love Seat Sale price$8,277.00
Olinda SofaOlinda Sofa
Olinda Sofa Sale price$9,015.00
Olinda SofaOlinda Sofa
Olinda Sofa Sale price$9,743.00
Paloma SofaPaloma Sofa
Paloma Sofa Sale price$8,553.00
Paris SofaParis Sofa
Paris Sofa Sale price$8,549.00
Paulina SofaPaulina Sofa
Paulina Sofa Sale price$14,294.00
Quincy Sofa
Quincy Sofa Sale price$10,767.00
Rome SofaRome Sofa
Rome Sofa Sale price$7,928.00
Santa Barbara Chair & A HalfSanta Barbara Chair & A Half
Santa Barbara Chair & A Half Sale price$4,824.00
Santa Barbara ChaiseSanta Barbara Chaise
Santa Barbara Chaise Sale price$0.00
Santa Barbara OttomanSanta Barbara Ottoman
Santa Barbara Ottoman Sale price$2,667.00
Santa Barbara SectionalSanta Barbara Sectional
Santa Barbara Sectional Sale price$0.00
Santa Barbara SofaSanta Barbara Sofa
Santa Barbara Sofa Sale price$7,691.00
Santa Barbara SofaSanta Barbara Sofa
Santa Barbara Sofa Sale price$7,021.00
Santa Barbara SofaSanta Barbara Sofa
Santa Barbara Sofa Sale price$6,345.00
Santa Barbara SofaSanta Barbara Sofa
Santa Barbara Sofa Sale price$8,443.00
Santa Barbara Wedge SofaSanta Barbara Wedge Sofa
Santa Barbara Wedge Sofa Sale price$8,142.00
Scarlett SofaScarlett Sofa
Scarlett Sofa Sale price$18,696.00
Seattle SofaSeattle Sofa
Seattle Sofa Sale price$10,354.00
St. Bart's SofaSt. Bart's Sofa
St. Bart's Sofa Sale price$10,885.00
Stratus SofaStratus Sofa
Stratus Sofa Sale price$7,404.00
Sultan SofaSultan Sofa
Sultan Sofa Sale price$12,269.00
Trianon Court SofaTrianon Court Sofa
Trianon Court Sofa Sale price$12,069.00
Tribeca SofaTribeca Sofa
Tribeca Sofa Sale price$9,308.00
a couch with a bunch of pillows on top of ita beige curtain with a gold trim around it
Versailles Sofa Sale price$16,868.00
Vista Sofa by Marge CarsonVista Sofa
Vista Sofa Sale price$7,942.00
Windsor SofaWindsor Sofa
Windsor Sofa Sale price$8,332.00