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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Experience unparalleled comfort and elegance with Marge Carson's Luxury Chair Collection. Each chair is a masterpiece, blending exquisite design with superior craftsmanship. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any room, our chairs are not just furniture, they're a statement. Shop now for the ultimate in luxury seating.

London Chair
London Chair Sale price$0.00
Majorca ChairMajorca Chair
Majorca Chair Sale price$5,469.00
Manor ChairManor Chair
Manor Chair Sale price$4,751.00
Marcella ChairMarcella Chair
Marcella Chair Sale price$7,439.00
Marguerite ChairMarguerite Chair
Marguerite Chair Sale price$7,929.00
Max ChairMax Chair
Max Chair Sale price$4,282.00
Mayson ChairMayson Chair
Mayson Chair Sale price$6,666.00
McKenna ChairMcKenna Chair
McKenna Chair Sale price$8,892.00
Metropolis ChairMetropolis Chair
Metropolis Chair Sale price$4,672.00
Milan Chair
Milan Chair Sale price$0.00
Mirielle Vanity ChairMirielle Vanity Chair
Mirielle Vanity Chair Sale price$3,561.00
Mulholland Vanity ChairMulholland Vanity Chair
Mulholland Vanity Chair Sale price$3,747.00
Nelson ChairNelson Chair
Nelson Chair Sale price$5,244.00
Nolan ChairNolan Chair
Nolan Chair Sale price$5,500.00
Olinda ChairOlinda Chair
Olinda Chair Sale price$5,824.00
Orleans ChairOrleans Chair
Orleans Chair Sale price$7,501.00
Palais Wing ChairPalais Wing Chair
Palais Wing Chair Sale price$9,015.00
Paris Chair
Paris Chair Sale price$0.00
Parker Lounge ChairParker Lounge Chair
Parker Lounge Chair Sale price$4,986.00
Passport ChairPassport Chair
Passport Chair Sale price$3,740.00
Porter ChairPorter Chair
Porter Chair Sale price$4,544.00
Portofino ChairPortofino Chair
Portofino Chair Sale price$8,870.00
Quest ChairQuest Chair
Quest Chair Sale price$5,289.00
Ritz ChairRitz Chair
Ritz Chair Sale price$5,683.00
Rome ChairRome Chair
Rome Chair Sale price$0.00
Santa Barbara ChairSanta Barbara Chair
Santa Barbara Chair Sale price$3,789.00
Santa Barbara Chair & A HalfSanta Barbara Chair & A Half
Santa Barbara Chair & A Half Sale price$4,824.00
Soho ChairSoho Chair
Soho Chair Sale price$5,952.00
Soho ChairSoho Chair
Soho Chair Sale price$4,979.00
St. Bart's ChairSt. Bart's Chair
St. Bart's Chair Sale price$6,304.00
St. Moritz ChairSt. Moritz Chair
St. Moritz Chair Sale price$6,155.00
St. Moritz ChairSt. Moritz Chair
St. Moritz Chair Sale price$5,569.00
Stratus ChairStratus Chair
Stratus Chair Sale price$4,199.00
Torino ChairTorino Chair
Torino Chair Sale price$5,810.00
Versailles ChairVersailles Chair
Versailles Chair Sale price$5,714.00
Waverly Large Chair & A HalfWaverly Large Chair & A Half
Waverly Large Chair & A Half Sale price$9,647.00
Waverly Small Chair & A HalfWaverly Small Chair & A Half
Waverly Small Chair & A Half Sale price$8,525.00
William Lounge ChairWilliam Lounge Chair
William Lounge Chair Sale price$5,990.00
Windsor ChairWindsor Chair
Windsor Chair Sale price$0.00
a white chair with a gold trim around ita white chair with a gold trim around it
Zeus Chair Sale price$7,749.00