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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Bedroom Furniture

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with Marge Carson's Bedroom Furniture Collection. Our exclusive range features elegantly crafted beds, dressers, and nightstands, designed to create a haven of sophistication and comfort in your home. Shop now and transform your bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary.
Bali Mirror
Bali Mirror Sale price$0.00
Cadence Panel BedCadence Panel Bed
Cadence Panel Bed Sale price$0.00
Cascade BedCascade Bed
Cascade Bed Sale price$0.00
Castello Floor Mirror by Marge Carson
Castello Floor Mirror Sale price$0.00
Dakota Low Bed
Dakota Low Bed Sale price$0.00
Ensemble Panel BedEnsemble Panel Bed
Ensemble Panel Bed Sale price$0.00
Fontaine Bedding PackageFontaine Bedding Package
Fontaine Bedding Package Sale price$0.00
Loire Bed
Loire Bed Sale price$0.00
Loire DresserLoire Dresser
Loire Dresser Sale price$0.00
Marge Carson Loire Mirror - Elegance & Luxury for Your Home
Loire Mirror Sale price$1.00
Noche Bedding PackageNoche Bedding Package
Noche Bedding Package Sale price$0.00
Palisades Bedding PackagePalisades Bedding Package
Palo Alto Contemporary BedPalo Alto Contemporary Bed
Palo Alto Contemporary BedPalo Alto Contemporary Bed
Palo Alto Contemporary Bed with PanelsPalo Alto Contemporary Bed with Panels
Palo Alto DresserPalo Alto Dresser
Palo Alto Dresser Sale price$8,691.00
Palo Alto Fully Upholstered Bed
Palo Alto MirrorPalo Alto Mirror
Palo Alto Mirror Sale price$0.00
Palo Alto Nightstand 2-Door LargePalo Alto Nightstand 2-Door Large
Palo Alto Nightstand 2-Door SmallPalo Alto Nightstand 2-Door Small
Palo Alto Nightstand 2-Drawer LargePalo Alto Nightstand 2-Drawer Large
Palo Alto Nightstand 2-Drawer SmallPalo Alto Nightstand 2-Drawer Small
Palo Alto Traditional Bed
Palo Alto Traditional BedPalo Alto Traditional Bed
Palo Alto Transitional BedPalo Alto Transitional Bed
Solstice DresserSolstice Dresser
Solstice Dresser Sale price$11,899.00
Solstice MirrorSolstice Mirror
Solstice Mirror Sale price$0.00
Solstice NightstandSolstice Nightstand
Solstice Nightstand Sale price$0.00
Solstice Panel BedSolstice Panel Bed
Solstice Panel Bed Sale price$0.00
Versailles Bed by Marge Carson
Versailles Bed Sale price$0.01