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Behind the Velvet Rope with Marge Carson

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Bar and Counter Stools

Explore Marge Carson's premium Bar and Counter Stools collection. Designed for elegance and comfort, our stools perfectly complement any high-end bar or kitchen counter. Elevate your space with our unique, luxurious designs. Shop now for unparalleled style and quality.
Aria BarstoolAria Barstool
Aria Barstool Sale price$0.00
Aria Counter StoolAria Counter Stool
Aria Counter Stool Sale price$0.00
Cadence BarstoolCadence Barstool
Cadence Barstool Sale price$0.00
Cadence Counter StoolCadence Counter Stool
Cadence Counter Stool Sale price$0.00
Lyric BarstoolLyric Barstool
Lyric Barstool Sale price$0.00
Lyric Counter Stool
Lyric Counter Stool Sale price$0.00
Maison BarstoolMaison Barstool
Maison Barstool Sale price$0.00
Maison Counter StoolMaison Counter Stool
Maison Counter Stool Sale price$0.00
Tango BarstoolTango Barstool
Tango Barstool Sale price$0.00
Tango Counter Stool
Tango Counter Stool Sale price$0.00
Villa Argenta BarstoolVilla Argenta Barstool
Villa Argenta Barstool Sale price$0.00
Villa Argenta Counter StoolVilla Argenta Counter Stool
a wooden stool with a white cushion on top of ita wooden stool with a cushion on top of it
Vouvray Barstool Sale price$0.00
Vouvray Counter Stool
Vouvray Counter Stool Sale price$0.00